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Sunshine State Slamboree

Sunshine State Slamboree

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Length: 22:12

Mayhem ensues as five of Vertex's powerhouse performers meet in a never-before-seen winner-take-all brawl to settle it all! Burly Buck Murphy and the force that is The Grizz start out fast and furious! Grizz powers Murphy around and pummels the baby face in the corner of the ring. Grizz makes a grave error and Murphy pounces! Grizz is then tossed around and ultimately trapped in the ropes. It looks bad for the Grizz until he releases his secret weapon - Herc. Herc appears and stuns Buck with a brain busting headbutt. The two heels then begin to pummel and pound Buck Murphy until he is left dazed and confused in the corner. The two bruisers are then surprised to see Bear Tamer appear out of thin air to avenge the double teaming suffered by Buck. The two laugh off the challenge and proceed to destroy the smaller opponent with a series of power moves that leave Bear Tamer tamed and at their mercy. The final not-so-secret surprise comes when St Louis Heel gets into the mix. The Bear Tamer and St Louis Heel team and punisher the punishers with a series of kicks, camels and beard torture. Do the two conquering heroes leave the best of friends or does one of them have one more card to play?
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Great match!

Daddy bear vs cute cub!


Sunshine State Slamboree

Rumble Chaos

Excited to see the Vertex ring veteran Grizz square off against the young, strong and upcoming Buck Murphy. A bit overconfident Grizz started out strong but a small slipup allows Buck to gain control and hammer away on the ring master. Getting him tied in the ropes and at the young studs mercy. Of course, where would the 'Mentor' be without his top student, the Mighty Hercules? The singles match quickly turns to a one-sided 2 on 1 Squash job. Grizz and Herc end up flexing and gloating over both Buck and wiry, thin but tall wrestler, Bear Tamer, who was also dispatched handily by this Invicible looking Tag Team Alliance. Are they the New Force to be reconned with in Vertex? Maybe 'others' have plans. We will see!!


Sunshine State Slamboree


A bit cheesy!

Wrestling Party!

This match was a lot of fun, watching the double teaming and domination of some of my favorite wrestlers all together was exciting to watch!