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St Louis Heel vs Donnie Dash: The Rematch

St Louis Heel vs Donnie Dash: The Rematch

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Length: 21:23

St Louis Heel and Donnie Dash first met in the Vertex ring over a decade ago, and this time Donnie's out for revenge! Having put on some serious muscle since their last meeting, Donnie starts out the match feeling a bit cocky. He even fakes a couple of handshakes with St Louis Heel while taking the time to make sure his hair is "just right." Meanwhile, the Heel is getting very impatient with Donnie's shenanigans and goes in for the quick attack. With a quick shot to the gut sending Dash back to his corner, SLH follows his opening salvo with a choke and then some kicks right to the muscle stud's groin! While 10 years may have passed since the last meeting, it immediately becomes clear that this beatdown is going to turn out exactly like the last one! The Heel takes delight in punishing Donnie's back and legs, and then flipping him over to punish the stud's six pack abs. At no point does the punishment ever quit, as St Louis Heel takes his time toying with his prey, delivering yet another beatdown to the poor, hapless Donnie Dash. This epic squash really showcases St Louis Heel's mean streak, and Donnie's impeccable ability to suffer beautifully!
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Good match! Wish they struggled a little more before he fell asleep 💤 more sleepers please!

Donnie Dash demolished again

Donnie Dash is my favorite jobber in the Vertex stable. He's hot, muscular, and suffers beautifully. SLH squashes him again, expertly working over those gorgeous pecs and abs. Another masterpiece! Please keep the Donnie Dash matches coming.

Glutton for Punishment

Seeing SLH dismantle a muscle jobber is hot as hell. Add his verbal humiliation and its perfect