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SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

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Length: 22:35

Herc's feeling pretty confident about his tag team match with veteran St Louis Heel on his side as they prepare to take on Vertex rookies The Bully and Li'l Bully, known as the SoCal Wrecking Crew, but his supposed partner has other ideas. Abandoned from the start, Herc endures grueling punishment after punishment as he is double-teamed by his opponents. Our musclebound hero is stretched out, crushed in the 6'4" giant Bully's massive bearhug, and put into camel clutches. The Wrecking Crew seem to take delight in putting Herc on display for them (and us) to see. Herc suffers beautifully as the Crew take care of business in this must-see beatdown!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
My first Vertex video

Really enjoyed this, but frankly was hoping for more gut work.

Would love to see a "taped ribs" angle where Herc goes solo against these two heels, who double-team his stomach relentlessly.


SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc Is A Hot Match

I always love a match where a hot jobber is double-teamed and you couldn't ask for a hotter jobber than Herc. He's handsome, has a gorgeous belly that's begging to be punched and stomped, and a bulge that cries out for serious fondling.
The SoCal Wrecking Crew obviously read my mind and acted out all my fantasies. They just dismantled the beefy Herc before my eyes subjecting him to lots of gut punches as well as shoulder smashes in the corner. And of course they paid particular attention to Herc's bulge, which seemed to get bigger the more punishment he got.
And the SoCal Wrecking Crew are hot wrestlers, too. I'd love to see each of them being individually double-teamed.
All in all, twenty minutes approx of stroking pleasure.

Nice hot game

Love to see jobber Herc get wedgie, not able to rescue himself from embarrassment but constantly being punished. Herc did tried to get help but the other just take Pic of him and they all have a good laugh. Love it!


SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

One of the Hottest Matches EVER!

SoCal Wrecking Crew are a freaking REVELATION! Their sadistic villainy (along with their nefarious cohort Saint Louis Heel) knows no bounds. The moment when they pose for a photo op with their demolished opponent like two big game hunters showing off a prized trophy kill is wickedly thrilling. I could imagine a handicap match where these rampaging bullies literally destroy the entire Vertex roster. MONSTER HEEL HEAVEN!!!


SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

Great Squash Action

Excellent video! The powerful Herc gets what he deserves from the 2 bully studs.


SoCal Wrecking Crew is an awesome addition to the Roster. Poor Herc didn't stand a chance and they clearly loved making him suffer. Definitely worth a purchase for guys who love handicap squash jobs.


SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel