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Slater Jackson vs "Ripper" Jack Easten

Slater Jackson vs "Ripper" Jack Easten

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A blast from the past collides with a rebranded renegade to prove wrestlers like wine only improve with age! Slater a fan favorite and one of the OG Vertex bad boys attempts to make short work of Vertex's newest heel. Every hold and move thrown at Jackson is quickly reversed and Ripper is displayed out for all the fans to see. Frustrated by Slater's prowess Jack decides to level the playing field with a vicious eye rake that leaves Jackson blinded and at his mercy. Once he is pounded down Jackson is tortured in a variety of leg locks that stretch him to his limits. Now that the tall drink of water is grounded he is easy prey for Jack's stomps, slams, and sleepers. Can the silver stud survive this vicious onslaught or will he become a tally mark for Ripper Jack?
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Nobody suffers like Slater!

Once again, Slater Jackson demonstrates he can handle himself in the ring, but his assaults on Ripper just seem to make the Heel madder and his punishment more brutal as the match devolves into a one-sided beat down. No problem there; Slater suffers beautifully. Great double choke out finale, and after the Ripper leaves the ring, Slater's final collapse in the corner ropes is a nice final touch!

Best Slater Jackson Ever !!

Spj and Ripper went at in in the best, hottest pro match I have EVER seen——seriously!!
Slater at his best in this outrageous match as Ripper pulls off some no-holds-barred tactics and great moves, finally finishing up with a devastating pin and having his way with a sprawled out Slater on the mat. Could watch this over and over and over. More matches like this with Slater, please!!


Slater Jackson vs "Ripper" Jack Easten


Slater Jackson vs "Ripper" Jack Easten

Slater VS Ripper! Pro Heat in the ring!

This match is 🔥! Cocky prettyboy Slater faces off against the newest heel in the Vertex fed, Ripper Jack! This match has all the high flying, booty bumping pro heat you want in the ring! Both wrestlers give it their all and look good while doing it! The punishment! The Smoldering heat between these two opponents will melt your screens! And be on Bulge Watch!