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Slater Jackson vs Herc

Slater Jackson vs Herc

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Length: 21:17

The Old Guard meets the new when Vertex original Slater Jackson steps into the ring to meet up with the mighty Herc! As these two men enter the ring, they can't help but admire each other and check out each other in a series of poses. Ever the wily veteran, SPJ uses this opportunity to strike Herc from behind and get the early advantage. Slater is clearly having fun trapping Herc in his many scissor holds and easily manhandles the muscleman. Hoping for a quick victory, Slater even applies a sleeper hold and clearly has Herc reeling, but being no stranger to the ring himself, Herc finally comes to his senses and starts delivering some punishment of his own, landing a series of punches to Jackson's forehead and keeping him down on the mat for some serious punishment. Herc delivers gut blows, pec chops, and even a Boston crab to the now-desperate Slater. The two men keep trading bearhugs, stomps, and even some rope choking, both pulling out all the stops to come out on top of this great back-and-forth match. This one is an instant classic you've got to see!
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Customer Reviews

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What a hot match

Herc is an absolute god put that man in gold trunks and your printing money great match

Sexy and hot!

It's Herc and another sexy wrestler. 5 stars easily.

Slater never disappoints!

Good back and forth match…love the pre-battle posing. Especially liked seeing Slater get the upper hand at the start, only to be taken down with the final submission…good job Herc!


Great to see Vertex bringing back some familiar faces from the past, and even better to watch veteran wrestler Slater Jackson ultimately get trounced by the promotion's resident demigod! There's some fun back and forth action here, but the conclusion is exactly what Herc's fans want to see. His finisher is awesome as well, I hope he uses it even more brutally and gleefully in future matches. Herc is THE KING, nobody else even compares!

Awesome match

These two are great in this match. Slater brining that attitude. Herc bringing that beef. Kind of match that makes you want to tag in.