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Peter "Hard Rock" Hughes vs Grizz

Peter "Hard Rock" Hughes vs Grizz

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Length: 25:51

Peter "Hard Rock" Hughes is new to Vertex and to the world of wrestling in general, so to give him a proper welcome, we gave him a match against the tough-as-nails veteran Grizz!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Newcomer

Fantastic build on the newcomer. Unfortunately for him, He is against veteran Grizz. Very hot action here

Two papis one hot match

This match intrigued me from the first moment it was published. And when I saw it complete I was totally obsessed, it's the first match I've seen from Grizz and I'm very excited to explore his other matches. But I have to talk about Mr Peter "Hard Rock" Hughes (What a cool name) wow I am madly in love with him, from what I know it is his first match here and I cross my fingers it's not the last I need to see more of him soon

Good Match

For me personally this match is not as hot as other Grizz matches because he's more dominant in this one whereas I like to see him take a lot of punishment. But I really enjoyed the moment where Hughes has Grizz bent over backwards across his knee and is toying with his crotch. I have watched that part quite a few times. A good give-and-take match but wouldn't be in my top five. However, don't be put off by my review as I know there'll be other fans who'll love it.

Grizz / Hughes in Muscle Battle

Hard Rock Hughes was all set to make his triumphant debut in the Vertex ring. The Almighty Grizz was called one to let him know victories would not come easy, if at all.
These to heavily muscled studs did plenty of chest abuse, pec claws and chops, gut punching on each other. Hard Rock was able to continually gain advantage by using the Grizz's major asset against him, his long flowing locks and lengthy beard.
Grizz really abused the heavily muscled Hard Rock's chest and gut with repeated chops, claws and punches. Stomps to his back and even the occasional low blow on purpose of course. The pec claws and chops by both combatants were incredibly impressive and quite the turn on to all of us lovers of their large muscled chests. The Grizz, with his years of in ring experience did control much of the action. When his Camel Clutch was introduced it definitely found Hard Rock Hughes pretty defenseless. Totally turning the tide of the closely fought action...
Love to see the Mighty Hercules get his hands on this muscled newcomer next!

Camel clutch

Nice video
Love this match.
Love the camel clutch

Great video

That was a great match, wish to see more of them

All the beef

These two crushed this. Dayum. Grizz was on fire with the headlock work. Breaking him down!

Hard Rock is a lot of beef to break down. Coming out strong. Dishes it out and likes it.

Glad Grizz got to deliver the welcome. This will be rewatched. Oh yes.