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Mighty Mongo vs Herc

Mighty Mongo vs Herc

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Length: 22:32

The man, the myth, the legend! Mighty Mongo joins the Vertex roster and takes his opportunity to remind the fans just how much of a force he is by destroying Hercules! While Herc starts out confidently enough to challenge the Mighty Mongo to a test of strength, he soon learns his lesson as he is brought to his knees by his massive opponent. Dwarfed in size and stature, the musclebound Herc looks as great as ever taking punishment after punishment from the sexy big man who takes great delight in delivering chokes, stomps, corner splashes, big boots, and utter humiliation. Herc is able to manage a few feeble attempts at retaliation, but rest assured that you can just sit back and watch Mongo dismantle Herc piece by piece in this master class!
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Customer Reviews

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Mongo, this big monster is awsome!Want to continue to see his performance!
I would like to see Mongo match Big Tex pls!


It's always good to see the fans' fav Herc get punished either by a bigger guy or a smaller guy! Wish I could have seen his pecs, back, belly receive more punishment. Heehe.

Herc Fan

Great match between these two monsters. Herc is a great jobber.

I would like to see Herc match against Grizz pls!


As a dedicated Herc fan, I've really enjoyed watching his ascension among the ranks of Vertex's impressive athletes...but even I have to admit that Mighty Mongo just arrived and smacked him right back down to jobber status! Mongo is indeed a "legend" in underground wrestling circles and WOW, what an amazing debut with Vertex. The ultimate monster heel utterly demolishes our hapless hero, and he's clearly enjoying every minute of the sadistic mayhem he dishes out. Especially thrilling is the steady stream of taunts and verbal abuse Mongo heaps on poor, outmatched, and overwhelmed Herc. Vertex's resident demigod manages to get in a few blows here and there, but he is clearly no match for the rampaging giant Mongo. After being ruthlessly manhandled and forced to submit to his tormentor in a brutal bearhug, dazed and helpless Herc's ultimate humiliation is complete as the big man poses with his boot on his chest and bounces his massive biceps in victory. The demigod is handed an ungodly beatdown from his infinitely bigger, tougher, and more powerful opponent...unceremoniously cast down from his perch on Mount Olympus and lying flat on his back as Mongo's first victim upon arrival in the Vertex ring. What an awesome addition to the roster here...MIGHTY MONGO THE MERCILESS! Here's hoping we see him in a handicap match soon, as clearly no one man (or even a god!) is a match for this titan of the squared-circle!