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Mighty Mongo vs Grizz

Mighty Mongo vs Grizz

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Length: 20:43

The Mighty Mongo has proven himself in his short time at Vertex to be one of our toughest competitors. This time he goes up against the wily veteran Grizz. Will Grizz's experience and skill prove enough to overcome the massive Mongo's superior size and strength? Mongo is quick to show the smaller Grizz who's boss, slamming his opponent around the ring and cutting Grizz down to size in no time. The punishment is brutal, but Grizz is no stranger to getting out of tough spots! He musters some offense against the big man and soon has him flat on his back, taking some punishment of his own! The action between these two studs is fantastic, and there is some great punishment and suffering on both sides! Who will come out on top?
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Amazing love mighty Mongo

Really? Do you think 'Pebbles'?

After laying waste to Hercules earlier, the Mighty Mongo was booked to take on his teacher/mentor the Almighty Grizz.
Mongo dominated from the onset referring to the Grizz in his 'manbun' as Pebbles. The man was way to powerful and brutalized the veteran favorite. Humiliating him in pit smothering, crotch smothering and a very impressive use of the tree of woe into a seated crotch facial with added crotch claw. It sure looked like Mongo was just minutes from a full body splash finish.
The resourceful Grizz used his martial arts background to convert a bearhug he was in to apply a side headlock choke hold to swing the moment. I guess no more Pebbles, now BAM BAM!
Grizz has some of the strongest thighs and unbreakable crushing Quads.
Doesn't he Mongo?
I guess, never count the Almighty Grizz out!

Mongo is Awesome, BUT...

So, I'm giving this one three stars, but ONLY because Mongo is in it...and he is always amazing. I'm puzzled by the recent trend of Vertex giving such a push to the most pedestrian wrestlers in their roster. No offense, but Grizz just isn't the most charismatic or thrilling athlete in the world, so the ending of this match was a real disappointment. You guys have Mongo to work with. Let them reign, let them shine! Mongo is a legend, let's see him on a total monster heel rampage. That would make a hell of a lot more sense in my book, and would be a lot more enjoyable and entertaining for his legions of fans.