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Kingpin vs Grizz

Kingpin vs Grizz

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Length: 20:29

Fan favorites Grizz and Kingpin take each other on in this classic battle of the big men! The two rough-and-tumble opponents go right at it from the start, trading blows and showing off their power to each other. Grizz steps up with a few elbow smashes but, undeterred, Kingpin delivers some devastating boots to the Grizzly one! Kingpin attempts to knock the wind out of Grizz with some awesome body splashes, but it isn't long before Grizz is using his powerful thighs to knock the wind out of Kingpin's sails. The two of them go back and forth in this match, trading power move after power move, trying to get a submission out of each other. The match is a brutal slugfest between these two powerful men, and it all leads to a great finish! Who will win this fierce battle?
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hot men beating on each other

Love watching the big boys bully each other. king pin is a stud! Stink face on grizz ultimate power display. Love a mean heel.


Grizz ends up looking more like a teddy bear with a heel like Kingpin in the ring with him. Hot action

Almighty Grizz / Kingpin

What a clash of these Vertex Heavyweights. The veteran Almighty Grizz being challenged by a new tough guy to 'his territory'. A formidable task...