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JerBear vs TNS

JerBear vs TNS

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Length: 21:27

JerBear gets a mouthy new plaything . . . let's hope he doesn't break it! The boss stepped into the Mt Vernon ring clearly amused at the site of his new opponent—a new arrival to the scene who goes by TNS. The new arrival is giving up almost 100 lbs to JerBear, but the scrappy newcomer is unfazed by his rookie first challenge. Right off the bat the rookie goes on offense, racing across the ring to inflict as much punishment on the bear as he can with a flurry of kicks, chops, and strikes. Unfortunately for him, JerBear remained relatively undamaged by the attack and quickly turns the tables to inflict some punishment of his own. The boss man gives a master class in destroying a smaller opponent, delivering body slams, clotheslines, Boston crabs, humiliating head scissors, and backbreakers, and of course he throws in a few JerBear specials just for some added humiliation. Regardless of how many times TNS is beaten down, he comes right back as mouthy as ever, making it ever more enjoyable for JerBear to continue his barrage. For you fans who love to watch JerBear go to town on a hapless jobber, this one is for you!
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New Jobber, Same Old Jer-Bear

Jer-Bear mentioned this was the first match for TNS. So it's not surprising it was mainly a feeling out process. TNS showed he can deliver decent knee strikes... until he expended all his energy. After that Jer-Bear graciously provided him a comprehensive introduction to pro moves like a cross-face, boston crab, camel clutch, toe hold, bodyscissors, headscissors, plenty of body slams, and a piledriver finisher. TNS was brash and verbally aggressive when he wasn't preoccupied with the pain Jer-Bear was inflicting. He might have been a terror in schoolyard fights. But after this match he knew he needs to obtain some pro wrestling education if he wants to survive what the Vertex big boys dish out.

CLASSIC Vertex Squashing

First and foremost, the purple/pink gear on JerBear is MOUTHWATERING! I can't keep my eyes off of it! The only thing that pulled my focus from JerBear's hot bod was the ever growing boner in TNS jobber white trunks! This is a classic Vertex jobber squashing. You can feel the brutal one sided beatdown. TNS is a fine specimen of jobber meat just waiting to be devoured in the ring. Lotta pro heat and JerBear can't help of man handle the new comer over and over again!

Best Vertex Match. Ever.

JerBear destroying TNS is, by far, the best match Vertex has ever filmed. JerBear clearly enjoys demolishing his hapless opponent, but it looks like both men are enjoying the match. Buy and download this match NOW, you won't be sorry.

Two guys who work well together

The little guy will go far. Just how far depends on how much force jer-bear uses to throw him out of the ring. That's about the only humiliation not forced on him during the match. Good job guys.

Great Match

Jer was great as usual. TNS? Fifteen seconds of frightening psychotic aggression, followed by grudging acceptance of his fate, while retaining his cockiness which made seeing him suffer a real pleasure. I'd say he is a glutton for punishment, but it's obvious gluttony is not one of his vices.

another hot one!

anything with Jer is gonna be hot. Can I beg for a video of jer pulling the trunks down and forcing his victims face into his ass?