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JerBear vs Myles Plower: The Rematch

JerBear vs Myles Plower: The Rematch

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Length: 21:26

It's double trouble for JerBear when his furry foe Myles Plower brings in reinforcements! Fuming from their previous encounter, Myles is bound and determined to make JerBear suffer from their previous encounter. After an intense back and forth the struggle the grinning giant Myles Plower takes control of the pocket-sized pugilist JerBear and takes him to task.  Trapped in the ropes JerBear is battered with boots, slammed by shoulders, and broken by bearhugs. JerBear is not one to go down without a fight and takes things into his own hands. Just as JerBear is about to enact his revenge, Plower's cohort in crime Herc slithers out of the woodwork and lowblows JerBear into submission. The two then proceed to put JerBear through his paces in a creative and painful set of new-and-improved holds. Poor JerBear is no match for these titans and succumbs to a gut churning finisher that must be seen to be believed! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
1 on 1 Rematch? 🤔🤔🤔 LOL

Myles Plower demanded and got a rematch with the Vertex Wrestling promotions 'head man', JerBear.
The first match, for all domination and probably inexperience, he wasn't happy with the verdict.
This time he knew what he had to do. He knew he couldn't let up. JerBear was going to be all his this time.
Again dominating the veteran Heel. Was this going to be a quick one?
JerBear of course had other thoughts and as we all know (and love) he is very resourceful when he needs to be.
But wait! Who is this? What a dastardly move! Someone wanted to win real bad...

Total Revenge

This was incredibly hot to watch. Jerbear is used to dominating and embarrassing his jobber opponents. Not this time. He gets totally dominated and humiliated by two beefy opponents. Great match

More of Jerbear getting dominated please!

We've had enough videos of Jerbear dominating other wrestlers. So more of him getting dominated is welcome

Jerbear is hot

i enjoyed this especially the ball grabbing.. but I beg to see the erotic play go further. easily pay double to see Jer get pantsed or even nude matches. Jer pantsd and sitting on someone's face would be prime.
Loved seeing a 3rd come in the ring though... i fantasize about the 2 of them ripping Jer's trunks off and rubbing him up and down