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JerBear vs Grizz: Rematch

JerBear vs Grizz: Rematch

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Length: 19:34

Grizz does the unthinkable when he destroys the phenom JerBear in an epic squash to end all squashes! JerBear faces his long-time adversary in the center of the ring and quickly takes control in classic JerBear style. Once stunned, Grizz is easy prey for a barrage of knees and stomps that leave him prone on the mat. Heel JerBear then taunts the Grizz and stretches and slams the furry masked man with sadistic glee. But you can never count the Grizz down and out. Grizz has an ace up his sleeve, or rather a sneaky cohort in the wings. A little surprise interference puts Grizz in control and he takes full advantage of it. Grizz gives JerBear a taste of his own medicine and leaves him gasping for air. Fists, knees, and forearms come fast and furious and leave the icon down for the count. Does Grizz take mercy and end the punishment? Of course not! This payback has been years in the making and he intends to make the most of it. Grizz's stone cold beating is epic proof that revenge is a dish best served cold!
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BallBusting Galore 👍👍👍

Looking forward to this huge match-up between JerBear and The Almighty Grizz. Probably the two most iconic wrestlers from the Gateway Arch City. They have clashed in ruthless, brutal matches. Being the dastardly, underhanded Heel, JerBear has seemed to always have the advantage. This match started no different. JerBear wasted no time applying his first paralyzing crotch grab torturing Grizz from one side of the ring to the otherside ropes. The good guy Grizz, clad in a white speedo and his all white cowl half mask. His beard an easy target for abuse. The opening third of the match was all JerBear as he abused his hated rival.
Suddenly... Grizz's prayers were answered. A surprise turnabout in advantage. Of course it was a 225 lb. Prayer that answered...
Grizz dominated the rest of this match. He inflicted so much pain on JerBear. Never hesitated to used his own CBT work repeatedly! It was like the Grizz was getting back for decades of dirty play by the Heel in one match.
The Grizz's classic finisher was brought out. If JerBear wasn't aware of it, he is now familiar with 'The Quadroplex'... Maybe one last 'Grab' for good measure?

JerBeat gets his

It was good to see JerBear get the beatdown he deserves. Both wrestlers did a good job. Grizz gave JerBear more than he wanted. But both would lose to StumpStew

Love JerBear as a Jobber

Sexy to watch the big bear take a beat down. Just wish both opponents would take a viagra before the match. Would be so hot to see their aroused packages while wrestling.