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JerBear vs Christian Mitchell

JerBear vs Christian Mitchell

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Length: 21:46

Vertex newcomer Christian Mitchell has always been a fan of playing with the big boys, so in his wrestling debut, he decides he wants to start at the top and take on boss man JerBear! The newcomer gets off to a smashing start, delivering blows to his bigger opponent and sending the Bear reeling to the mats. He gets the big man down to the mat and starts having fun, even borrowing a few of JerBear's more popular moves! With punishing blow after blow, he inflicts punishment on his veteran opponent, but the big question on everyone's mind lingers on. Does he have what it takes to finally finish off JerBear, or does the boss have a trick or two up his sleeve?
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JerBear vs Christian Mitchell

JerBear Dominates!

Christian Mitchell is one of my favorite wrestlers in Vertex's roster and I really enjoyed the bout where he came out victorious over Bison. Here, however, it's also a lot of fun to see him utterly manhandled by the legendary JerBear! Another awesome match from Vertex...this promotion is absolutely killing it!


Love the low blows

❤️❤️❤️Awesome video! Let’s see more of this!

I can’t get enough of Jerbear!😍😍😍 what would it take to get him and another big guy (maybe officerbear) to do a ballbusting, dirtier, match? Maybe one or both of them get pantsed? Some spanking? One or both of them get bare ass stink faced? I’d pay 2-3 times more for that video! Can’t wait for your next video!