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Herc vs Flex Powers

Herc vs Flex Powers

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Length: 22:41

Two of Vertex's beefiest muscle men step into the ring to face each other in a powerful battle for domination! As the action begins, the two opponents strut around the ring, flexing and posing each other in an attempt to intimidate one another, but neither is fazed.  Flex takes the early advantage in the match, sending Herc into the ropes and drilling a knee into his midsection, causing him to go crashing into the canvas before sending him into the corner for some extra punishment! To add even more humiliation for Vertex's resident Greek god, Powers even delivers a stink face that Herc is unable to escape! The punishment is brutal and fun to watch, as Herc seems unable to counter any of Flex's offense! Ever the resourceful fighter, though, all Herc needs is the tiniest of mistakes in order to start dishing out punishment of his own. Herc's impressive and creative offense is a thing to behold as shows his muscled opponent a thing or two about impressive beatdowns. The action in this one is fantastic, and the finisher is a thing of beauty!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bulge attack!

Always in the mood for some stocky men goin' at each other, especially their bulges. I was hoping Herc would get more of his share of ballbusts, but seeing Flex getting worked over was hot too! Liked it.

They need a rematch

Herc and Flex are great opponents for each other. Both are burly men of size and their trunks look excellent on them.

HerC takes over on Flex early and dominates the first half of the match. The second half is mostly all Flex. There a good bit of tentativeness and hesitation in some of the moves. Maybe this out of caution but it doesn’t make for good wrestling. Once Flex gets more matches in and maybe some training with JerBear he will be more of a contender. But Flex does suffer well.

Sexy watch

I do enjoy this video. These two need more matches together. They are quite a nice pairing

What a great match!

This was such a great match, two guys looking so good, lots of good action & holds. Would like to see Flex Powewrs v Skyler Fox. My gear preference is for Herc to be wearing the bright coloured skimpy trunks though... He looks awesome in them and for me that would have made it prefect!

I Need More of Flex Powers!!

Nothing can go wrong when 2 bears clash and Flex Powers suffered especially beautifully here! Just when the muscular stud thought he was in control, one unexpected low blow rendered all his muscles useless. The ending was done tastefully, with the strongman utterly humiliated and fell unconscious. Hope to see Flex in more videos in the future!


Love watching a good beatdown

Muscle Mauling

This bout really delivers with both guys dishing out the punishment. With pec claws, low blows and grabs and even a head butt to the nuts this is a great watch.

Hot Herc!

Agree with the other review, this gear is hot on Herc! Love to see him more on the receiving end though... would love to see him in a singlet for a match!

Herc vs Flex / Strength vs Strength!

In a fairly equal size vs size battle, has mighty Herc met his match? The handsome, strong fan-favorite may have met his match in the new Comer, Flex Powers. Flex is thick and strong and overpowers Herc. Controls an advantage and looks to be able to bring and early finish to this match up with his grinding and crushing bearhugs. Repeatedly catching Herc off the ropes in tight squeezes. His upper chest chops and pec slaps control Herc.
Looks like we have the 'New Strongman' in the Vertex Ring?
Herc has donned square cut trunks for this match. Hopefully he hasn't retired his brightly colored, skimpy posers? (How about a speedo or singlet?)

I'm a huge fan of his.

flex!!I love this man! I want to have more videos of him.!!!