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Herc vs El Magnifico

Herc vs El Magnifico

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Length: 14:01

Herc goes to battle with our resident luchador, El Magnifico in a great back-and-forth battle. Fresh off his victory against Grizz, El Magnifico returned to the ring to face Herc. The two evenly matched competitors show off their strengths in this match, with Herc easily manhandling his opponent with a body slam and a suplex, while El Magnifico demonstrates his impressive experience by tossing the Greek god around the ring with ease. These two warriors love demonstrating their strength to each other, and the advantage is constantly shifting. For a shorter match, this one packs in lots of action and shows off the best of both of these fan favorites!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy 5 stars!

It's always good to see Herc in the ring. I loved the outfit of both wrestlers. I loved the actions in the ring. You don't want to miss this match, especially when you are a Herc's fan.

More Awesomeness from The Mighty Herc!

Great match, I would actually pay for a video of Herc just confidently flexing and posing for twenty minutes, no joke. I would have given this bout five stars if Herc had been victorious...Herc fans want to see him WIN! Still, as always, another solid release from Vertex. You guys are killing it lately!

Herc Battles Hard

Vertex's resident strongman Herc is out to take down the veteran masked Luchador.
He uses his superior strength and edge in agility to dominate the early match. Though a short overall match, there is plenty of action, back and forth. The Mexican master, El Magnifico, starts to take over through sheer in-ring experience and knowledge. He is able to neutralize Herc superior strength with chest chops and slaps, crushing leg scissors. Use of old school leg drops.
Can Herc survive the veteran's elbow drops and that corner rope full body splash?