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Herc vs Donnie Dash

Herc vs Donnie Dash

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Length: 23:30

Muscled God Herc takes on muscle mortal Donnie Dash in an epic showdown for the ages! Donnie challenges the beefy Herc to various tests of power in which Herc is staggered by the seemingly superior strength of his opponent. But Herc hasn't reached Olympic heights of glory by bowing down to jobbers of a lesser caliber. Herc unleashes a flurry of moves and holds that leaves Donnie a quivering mass in the middle of the ring. Slams, chokes, and fists of fury leave Donnie breathless. The easy prey is then ripped apart with camels and crabs that shred the muscle boy into agony. This epic squash will leave you wanting more of these bastions of beef!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Loved ittttttt!!

Both beefy guys got sweaty, shiny and sexy!! I loved the outfits too. As a fan of Herc, I gotta say this: GO HERC!!

Herc vs West Coast Muscle

The Mighty Hercules brings all his muscle to Cailfornia ring to challenge the local strongman, Donnie Dash.
The bettors were surprised early as Dash, displaying his own tremendous physique, EASILY overpowered the ManGod in two 'Test of Strength' tie ups. Each time driving Herc back to the corner.
Great trash talking, taunting behavior on both sides throughout match.
Herc called on his newly found 'inner Herl' to take over the match. Pound on the local strongman and take no prisioners. Herc performs as a believable Heel. I think a very good side of him too!
I am always entertained by his impressive, finishing 'Pendulum'!!

Herc the heel

Herc does an amazing job in the role of heel and really knows how to utilize the ropes and corner to his advantage


Herc vs Donnie Dash


Yes, yes, YES!!! The Mighty Herc delivers again! Love seeing The Roman God run roughshod over the hapless mortal man Mr. Dash. Herc has paid his dues and risen to true star status in the Vertex roster. Monster Heel Herc? HELL YEAH! More like this, please...can't get enough! Kudos, guys. AMAZING.

3rd time is the charm

This is the 3rd match from a Santa Ana shoot where jobber Donnie Dash gets worked over. First he was destroyed by the St. Louis Heel and then by JerBear. In this 3rd match, Herc plays heel and puts all of his jobber experience to good use decimating Donnie. I could watch Donnie Dash get punished all day long and this match does not disappoint. Donnie looks hot in his red trunks while Herc puts him through his paces. I especially enjoyed watching Donnie get hung up and worked over in the corner. Another excellent muscle jobber squash.