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Grizz vs Bison

Grizz vs Bison

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Length: 20:33

Newcomer Bison has had a lot of success in Vertex, but this time his challenge is the veteran Grizz! These two big men go at it toe-to-toe in the squared circle. Bison really delivers some impressive offense in this one, sending Grizz to the mats brutally and keeping up the punishment! Lots of great groundwork in this one and even an impressive body slam or two really showcase the power of this pair of combatants. Will the big Bison be able to take down the Grizzly Bear, or does the old-timer have a trick or two up his sleeve as well? This match has some great, hard-hitting action!
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Grizz vs Bison

The highlight of this bout for me was where Bison has Grizz arched over his knee in a hot back-breaker while using the opportunity to fondle Grizz's bulge - something I would eagerly do myself. Grizz's big gut sticks out beautifully.
Another highlight was when Grizz lets down to straps of his wrestling costume - as he does in most matches - to reveal that wonderful upper body and beautiful gut.
Those highlights alone were worth the purchase price of the video.

Grizz Taken To Brink...

I was actually looking forward to this match up. The iconic veteran Grizz and the strong, upcoming newbie, Bison.
Never expected Bison to TOTALLY dominate and in reality, Squash the mat veteran for the first 11 minutes. In fact, if Bison didn't somewhat let success get to him. Let up on the physical abuse and go for a ring length corner to corner spear, he could have and should have pinned the veteran easily.
Grizz took advantage of Bison's arm and like any ring vet, 'punisher', he relentlessly attacked it. In classic fashion eventually Grizz got a punishing and impressive submission. Grizz Remains The Man!!!


Grizz vs Bison