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Grizz vs BearTamer

Grizz vs BearTamer

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Length: 20:41

BearTamer attempts to live up to his name by vanquishing the mighty Grizz! BearTamer comes out fast and furious and pummels his beefy opponent to the mat. Trapping his opponent within his lean long legs and arms, BearTamer goes to town on Grizz's massive chest and muscled gut. The wily veteran seems overwhelmed by the youngster's newfound viciousness and finds himself stretched out in brutal camels and crabs. Grizz eventually finds his footing by hoisting BearTamer off his feet and mercilessly tossing him around the ring like a ragdoll. Grizz then takes sadistic delight in twisting and tormenting his opponent in a series of moves and holds that have BearTamer howling in agony. This vicious battle between the new blood and the old guard is sure to have the fans clamoring for a rematch!
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Hypnotic Grizz

The Almighty Grizz caught us all off guard with his mesmerizing black & white patterned tights. We all lost focus except his opponent the tall, lanky newcomer, Bear Tamer. Could the veteran Grizz have taken The Tamer lightly? They had already 'meet' in an earlier match and those of us who saw that remember what happened. Bear Tamer had him 1 on 1 now and frankly dominating the iconic veteran, humiliating him with dirty play plenty of use of Grizz's packed tights. The Old Man actually looked like no match for this all arms, all legs stringbean, who barely can weigh 150 lbs. if that.
Just saying, the Almighty Grizz is being 'manhandled' PLENTY!!!
Great to see New Blood in the promotion!


The cameraman shakes the camera way too much

Great match

Two very skilled guys. Technical quality is great too.