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Christian Mitchell vs Kingpin

Christian Mitchell vs Kingpin

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Length: 19:20

Christian Mitchell has been making waves in Vertex, but this time the big man Kingpin stands in his way! Does he have what it takes to topple the big man? The two face off in the ring, and Kingpin is quick to take advantage, using his superior size and experience to quickly start beating on the sexy Mitchell. Kingpin is ruthless here, cutting Christian down to size and keeping him on the mat. Mitchell isn't one to just take the punishment, though, as he manages to reverse and gives some punishment of his own! These two have great chemistry in the ring, and the result is a great match for fans of these two titans!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fearless chemistry

Clearly Chris enjoyed being in the ring with Kingpin. This made him all the more fearless against Kingpin's sheer power. Looking forward to seeing how he holds his own with Grizz.

lack of gut punching

2 big/strong guys who are well both able to take belly punches and sadly there were 2 punches of note......but reasonably entertaining

Good match

For 15$ i was hoping theyd go a bit further at times. please make matches where the bigger guys get pantsd and their bare asses slapped!! We'd happily pay more for more erotic action