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Christian Mitchell vs Herc

Christian Mitchell vs Herc

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Length: 22:25

Two muscle-bound bruisers meet up in an all-out brawl that fans of these two combatants will absolutely love! Our strongmen enter the ring, sizing each other up and ready to make a show of who's stronger. Each of them gets a bit of advantage during this initial meet with some stomps, slams, and boots, putting pressure on their opponent. The two gladiators tussle back-and-forth until Herc gains an early upper hand, taking Mitchell to the corner and delivering devastating blow after blow. Don't count out Chris, though, as he is able to once again gain the advantage and send Herc crashing down to the mat. The two trade blows in an epic battle, but who will gain the victory between these two beefcakes?
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Mighty Herc Shows Off!

Chris Mitchell, the local SoCal strongman was looking to gain attention with a win over Vertex's Mighty ManGod, Hercules.
The handsome bearded Herc with his large, thick size and muscle with his Greek gladiator gear vs. Buff Chris in his shiny tights toned muscled chest with old school handlebar stache.
Herc challenges the hometown Mitchell from the start to bring it to him but his offense is non-existent. Herc dominates throwing him around the ring, stomping on him, chest chopping and slapping the local favorite. Chris only on just a few occasions gains the upper hand. He does deliver three hard elbows to Herc's gut that weakens him enough to toss him into the lower ropes and allow stomps to his back. Chris even gets a bit handsey at one time with reach around chest pec work that infuriates Herc.
He even gets a kneeling rear choke on the ManGod that nearly puts him out.
Herc though is just too strong and powerful to overcome. With plenty of taunting throughout, Herc finally ends things and dashes any hope that Mitchell has. The Mighty Herc is close to unbeatable.


Vertex's reigning superstar Herc returns with a vengeance in this bout against Christian Mitchell. Mitchell puts up a good fight, but ultimately he's unceremoniously reduced to jobber status...clearly no match for Herc's superhuman size, strength, and ring prowess. Herc is looking bigger and more powerful than ever as he continues to embrace his inner heel, not to mention sporting his amazing gladiator ring gear. Mitchell gets dominated and manhandled by The Mighty Herc, who even uses Mitchell's own facial hair to drag him to his feet at one point in the new meaning to the term "handlebar mustache"! Kudos to Vertex, and to Herc, on the demigod's triumphant return to ring action. Big Herc is already a legend, and he NEVER disappoints!