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Christian Mitchell vs Bison

Christian Mitchell vs Bison

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Length: 22:29

Up-and-comer Christian Mitchell decides to take on burly boy Bison in a battle to see if he has what it takes to beat the beef! Christian leaps into action early on and begins pummeling Bison's hide but Bison decides enough is enough and takes back control. Mitchell is splayed out in the ropes and in the corner and hammered with repeated fists and boots to his torso. Begging for mercy, but receiving none, Christian is spread out on the mat and stretched in some agonizing poses by the sadistic heel Bison. To Bison's frustration Mitchell can be put down for the count. As hard as he tries to finish him, Mitchell keeps coming back for more and more punishment. Can Christian overcome this wild beast's beating or is he simply being set up for The Last Roundup?  

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Customer Reviews

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Wild Match!

Handsome Bison and the always enticing Christian Mitchell pairing off in a match is great! These two hard working upcoming pros dish it out and take it in stride! But the once the domination begins, it's the start of a WILD match, you gotta see to believe! Fans of hot guys in hot trunks with some hard hitting pro action will love this match.


Finally, a bout where the Magnificent Mr. Mitchell totally dominates the action and effortlessly emerges victorious! Bison may have the size advantage but as the saying goes, "It ain't the size of the man in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the man!" It's downright thrilling to see Christian so confidently come into his own here, can't wait to see more matches where he runs roughshod over more of his outmatched opponents. Hell, his manly mustache alone could beat a man into submission! Note to Bison, next time Mr. Mitchell offers a handshake in good sportsmanship, accept the gesture. Otherwise, you're going to end up flat on your back in the middle of the ring looking up at the lights again. Studly Champ Christian Mitchell is THE KING OF THE RING!


Christian Mitchell vs Bison

Don’t underestimate Mitchell

Loved this match. Punished the abs. Dishing out the pain. Mitchell May be smaller…