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Buck Murphy vs JerBear: The Rematch

Buck Murphy vs JerBear: The Rematch

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Length: 20:41

Super sexy stud cub Buck Murphy steps into the ring ready to take out revenge after his humiliating defeat at the hands of the boss JerBear, but is he ready for everything the boss is ready to dish out? The boss quickly lets Buck know where he stands, swiftly and brutally delivering punishment to the young rookie, with a series of slams, stomps, corner punishment, and even a suplex or two that send Murphy reeling. JerBear's clearly in his element here, as few love torturing the young Vertex rookies more than the boss himself, but does he get a bit TOO cocky? Buck is one tough competitor and he's definitely not going to just let the Bear have his way with him all day! The young Murphy shows JerBear a thing or two himself as he delivers some punishment of his own, but will it be enough to overcome the boss's size and experience advantage?
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Customer Reviews

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Sexy match!

I loved both matches between Jerbear and Buck! There were many hot actions! My fav moment was when JerBear locked Buck's head in his armpit and punished him. Very good cam angle! Keep it up, guys!

Not erotic enough

I enjoyed the other Buck Murphy matches a lot better, I feel like the other ones are more erotic than this match


Buck Murphy vs JerBear: The Rematch


Just ok. The other match they had was way way hotter.

NHB Highlights

Both wrestlers look great - Jerbear with a crew cut and Buck with a beard. Use of NHB tactics is a real feature and the ending worth the wait. The one thing I'd like to see is more give and take throughout the bout rather than each guy dominating for a long time.