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Bison vs Big Tex: Rematch

Bison vs Big Tex: Rematch

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Length: 21:45

Two of our beefiest competitors take each other on in a classic rematch, with Bison determined to get revenge on the monster Big Tex! Giving up a considerable size advantage to Big Tex, Bison starts this match feeling the brunt of the big Texan's mighty blows. Tex keeps his opponent up against the ropes and delivers considerable punishment to his competitor, but just as it starts to look as this might just be a replay of their last match, Bison manages to pull out a few tricks of his own to get the big man down where he wants him, on the mat! Knowing he has to take his only chance, Bison brings some beautiful punishment to his big foe, focusing his attacks on the big man's limbs, hoping to keep him on the defensive for as long as possible. Will this strategy work for Bison, or is just giving up too much size and power to pull off the victory?
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Customer Reviews

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Come on vertex

I feel like the videos are hit or miss lately. Please bring back the hot erotic action that we all know and love! More tights pulling, ass slapping, etc


Good match was hoping big Tex would use the stinkface again


Bison vs Big Tex: Rematch