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Big Tex vs Buck Murphy

Big Tex vs Buck Murphy

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Length: 20:38

The big boy from Texas shows All-American Buck Murphy that everything is bigger in the Lone Star State - especially the beatings! Buck is determined to not let Big Tex come out the victim, but the heel has size and experience on his size. Buck attempts to shoot a pair of single leg takedowns but all he gets for his efforts is a massive knee to his gut. Once Big Tex gets him down, he relentlessly stomps and kicks his young opponent. After Big Tex drags the dazed boy to his feet, he is whipped into the turnbuckle and splashed into a stupor. Once down, Buck is easy prey for the heel who punishes him with blow after blow. Big Tex then uses the turnbuckles and ropes to choke the boy into near unconsciousness. For the remainder of the match the young cub is subjected a merciless beating that leaves him down and out for the count. If you like your squashes down and dirty, then you definitely want to add this to your collection.
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Oh man, there's nothing better than an old school squash job...especially when the punishment is being dished out by an awesome super-heavyweight like Big Tex! Poor Buck Murphy earns his jobber credentials here as he is thrashed from pillar to post by the sadistic giant Tex. My only qualm is that Tex isn't even meaner and more verbally abusive, he's a killer monster heel as he is but wow does he have potential to define what it is to be the reigning massive villain of Vertex. I also have to restate my standard request, let's see a brutal and rampaging Big Tex destroy two (or more!) ordinary men in an epic handicap match...ruthlessly rolling over them like a Sherman tank! Regardless, for fans who enjoy one-sided, huge-versus-small mismatches...Big Tex vs Buck Murphy is for you!

Big Tex vs Buck Murphy

Would have enjoyed more tit and crotch grabbing like when JerBear wrestles. Also if you're gay wrestling videos would love to actually see naked big bears wrestling if your wrestlers are up to it. You're already doing crotch and tit grabs as well as face humping so it's pretty obvious it's gay material. Maybe go that extra step?

Liked it

Always enjoy seein Buck Murphy being manhandled and low blowed! Big Tex could've taken more punishment >:)