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BIG Officer Bear vs Herc

BIG Officer Bear vs Herc

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Length: 23:14

In his big ring debut, BIG Officer Bear has come to Vertex ready to destroy a new victim, and he's got the muscle-bound Herc firmly in his sights! Herc decides to start out with a gun show and by antagonizing his bigger opponent. He even removes Officer Bear's hat and starts riding the big man like a cowboy! Once the bear's back on his feet, however, it starts to look pretty grim for the pretty boy. Bear wraps his meaty legs around Herc's torso and starts wearing down the younger lad. Soon, Herc feels the full weight of BIG Officer Bear on his back, knocking the wind out of him with a series of stomps and blows. Soon Herc learns a valuable lesson as the bear turns him into his plaything. BIG Officer Bear delivers as great a squash job as the muscle boy has ever experienced, and we're all luckier for having witnessed the devastation!
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The Herc and Big Officer Bear face off.

New muscleboi Herc in his micro speedos faces off against the Big Bear with his massive weight advantage .Herc goes after the big boi clearly trying to up the pace and attack the bear where it hurts. Not expecting this onslaught the bear is caught offgard and humiliated by the muscleboi who straddles the bears back, slapping his ass and riding him like a donkey...clearlhy enraged by this utter disrespect the bear fights back busting the Hercs balls and locking the muscleboi in a leglock crushing the wind from his lungs and following it with a devastating stomping attack and the ultimate hard landing of the bears massive weight on the the musclebois torso.

Two of My Vertex Favorites!

Big Officer Bear and Herc are both AMAZING...looking forward to more bouts from these guys in the future!

Herc is amazing

Clearly Herc is a fast favorite among vertex fans. Win or lose, he is amazingly hot to watch in the ring. Big Officer Bear is a fun heel to watch in this match too. The action was great and seeing Herc get worked over in his always tight and tiny trunks is a total pleasure.

Big Officer Bear vs Herc

I really enjoyed this bout. Herc has the sort of body that's just begging to be worked over. And Big Officer Bear sure obliges.
I would love to have seen Officer Bear enter the ring in his uniform and inflict some punishment on Herc while wearing it - then have it torn off during the fight.
All in all, I really enjoyed the bout. And the splash at the end is well worth the wait.

Herc It was great!

Looking forward to his a game 1 vs1 and Flex Powers

The Labors of Herc

We once again join the mighty Herc on his quest to prove his might, only this time he is forced to contend with the long arm of the law. Big Officer Bear is only too happy to show our Hero that he is little more than a play thing. To add insult to injury, the Officer allows his deputy to further humiliate the demigod in the eyes of Zeus.


BIG Officer Bear vs Herc


Loved the video!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
I would love to see BIG Officer Bear v.s. JerBear go at it in a no rules match! Allowing all dirty/cheap shots!! Wedgies, stinkfaces, spankings, crotch grabs and especially low blows!

Great match!

Great sexy match! I loved that final blow BIG Officer Bear dealt to Herc. I think I've become a fan of Herc lol. Would love to see him in briefs.


What a great video! Big officer Bear is some great eye candy! Love to see him wrestle with Big Tex (no singlet) but this video was great! Thanks gentlemen!