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Herc vs BearTamer

Herc vs BearTamer

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Length: 23:01

The slender BearTamer facing mighty Herc looks like one hell of a mismatch . . . but can looks be deceiving? Herc seems unimpressed when as he steps into the ring against his smaller foe, but BearTamer is not intimidated and immediately goes on offense, trying to catch his musclebound opponent off-guard. The surprise attack can only last so long, however, as Herc regains his composure and starts delivering some punishment of his own to the would-be tamer! No matter how much punishment Herc delivers, though, BearTamer is always ready to come back! This will not be the easy victory that Hercules was hoping for! The two engage in some fantastic back-and-forth action in this hot size mismatch!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Better Camera work!!!

Match was good, but the video recording quality was subpar. Lots of blur and shake. Please use a good camera next time!

Bear Tamer . . more like Bear Destroyer

Great big vs little match up. Proves that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog or bear in this case.

Hot !

Love how the BearTamer gained an upper hand in the beginning and had his way with the Herc . Herc is always in best form ! Looking forward to see more Heel side of BearTamer! Great job vertex wrestling team !


When are mere mortal men going to get it through their puny heads that when an ordinary man challenges a God, the God ALWAYS prevails?! Bear Tamer definitely puts forth his best effort here, but the ultimate conclusion is totally inevitable. The last five minutes of this bout alone are worth twice the cost of the clip! I would love to see Herc break out his awesome gladiator gear again next time around, and I am still waiting for a handicap match in which Vertex's resident ring deity effortlessly and brutally demolishes two hapless and overwhelmed mortal men at once, but damn, The Son of Zeus is looking bigger, stronger, and more impressive every single time we see him, and his super-manly beard is a thing of masculine perfection to behold. I hope he makes the post-match comment, "LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU!" his new tag line after each victory. The Mighty Herc is a modern ring legend who is truly in a league of his own!