Nov 2022 Filming Weekend

Our next filming weekend is fast approaching and space is limited! Our filming weekends have always been a place where we can all come together to have fun and learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding. The purpose of our filming weekends is to create some new material for Vertex fans to purchase, which in turn generates enough income to continue to rent ring space, pay for video equipment, internet hosting and other marketing costs, and potentially hold other events. Please see below for more specific details.
  • Schedule

    • 11/18: Arrive and stay in STL
    • 11/19: Taping + Overnight stay in Mt Vernon
    • 11/20: Taping + Return to STL ~8pm (Also, Jerry's Birthday!)

    Our ring reservation is from 9am-5pm daily.

  • In-Ring Training Provided

    Johnny Courageous is our in-house trainer and has over a decade of experience working pro shows. He will help teach the fundamentals and provide coaching on how to have a great match and learning experience.

    Read About our Trainer 
  • Attending

    We'll arrive at the ring at 9am and film until 5pm on both days. The exact makeup and order of the matches that will be filmed depends on many factors including overall attendance and the safety of everyone participating. Most participants have 1-3 matches a day. We do allow non-participants to attend our filmings.

  • Things to Bring

    Gear: We love trunks, singlets, boots, and pads! Pads are VERY important for wrestling in the ring.

    IDs: We legally need a License or State ID in order for you to be cleared to film.

  • Bookings

    Let us know your match requests in advance. We can't promise anything specific, but will do our best to accomdate. The group chat is a great way to mingle and plan some match material in advance.

  • Training

    We begin our events with practice and training sessions that are mandatory if you have limited experience in a ring, and highly encouraged even if you have.

How To Attend

1. Book your Travel

We can provide some rides to/from the venue once you're in St. Louis. We can accommodate a few overnight guests with advance notice, too!

You'll need a hotel for Saturday in Mt. Vernon. We suggest the Drury Inn & Suites. Lots of people split their hotel, feel free to ask about that in the WhatsApp group.

Book your Saturday Hotel Here

2. Join our WhatsApp Group

This is a great way for us all to get to know each other in the weeks leading up to the filming weekend, discuss matches with each other, etc.

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Feel free to reach out to Jerry or Michael directly, or email us at