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Big Tex vs Buck Murphy
David Lawrence

Average. Could have sold the ending better.

Grizz vs Big Tex: The Rematch

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SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

SoCal Wrecking Crew vs Herc featuring Saint Louis Heel

St Louis Heel vs Gabe Steel
Jasin !
St. Louis Heel and Mr. Steel

Maybe it's because I'm a Gabe Steel fan and it's just awesome watching him take a beat down! Maybe it's because I'm a St. Louis Heel Fan One of my favorite matches!

Instant Classic

Just as promised, a relentless, GRUELING beatdown of the musclestud by the burly veteran. Both wrestlers perform beautifully. If you THINK you want to see this match, you DO want to see this match.

Time for Toney to turn babyface for a while and be worked over 2 on 1 by the Wrecking Crew.

Jaxson Rainz vs St Louis Heel
Great Match

It was hot seeing two verbal fighters square off. There was nice heel vs jobber action!

Great match

This was a sweet match. The schooling by Grizz was hot. This match had hot jobber action. The ending was fantastic!

It’s was a good tittle-found them pretty easy.

So I enjoyed the video, the length is awesome and a deal for the price. The quality seems a little blurry at times, but overall pretty darn good. I’ve been more into the style match of what Stump Stew , I’ve been trying to get a match with stump stew, and have been having very little luck unfortunately. I’f y’all speak with stump stew let him know iv been trying to lock up with him. But as far as y’all’s customer service it’s great. Had an issue with my first link not allowing me to download and contacted the support service and was responded to very well, and helped with that and I was resent the link for download and it worked great. Overall darn good! Definitely will watch for more videos of stump stew once again I like his style of wrestling and enjoy watching him in the ring. Thanks again.

Griffin DONE!

Boytoy jobber Griffin Kody shows some offense at first, but gets destroyed by Grizz both verbally and physically. Classic big vs. small match that is so hot, I watched it *three times* the day I purchased it. Talk about a download! This video is a MUST see!!

Big man is being the jobber for once!

It’s nice and refreshing seeing the big man being the jobber. I loved seeing Big Tex getting dominated and almost being manhandled like that. The dirty tactics like the low blows, ball grabs etc were nice and really slowed him down as well.

Would love to see the Big Tex vs Mighty Mongo in a back and forth match for the win. Both punishing their opponent with low blows, dirty tactics to get the upper hand would be mouth watering and a must buy. Fingers crossed this match happens

All Grizz

Great match up! Grizz is always amazing!

Grizz is the wrestler

Grizz is the true wrestler who knows how to deliever a pefect bodyslam. Want to see Grizz vs Herc rematch pls!!

JerBear vs Toney Rico

Grizz vs Big Tex: The Rematch

Enjoyed the match, you just need to get either more of Big Tex's suit off or get him in something smaller like just trunks so we can always see his belly and tits.

The universe shifts!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching a match with Slater Jackson being put through the wringer to end up splayed on the canvas in defeat, so this new twist required a little processing. Both fighters put on a great show, with a lot of good back and forth action. Bear Tamer is undeniably a great scrapper and dished out plenty of enjoyable punishment to Slater. It was so enjoyable, I didn’t mind watching Slater walk away victorious. A little flexing over his fallen victim might have been a nice touch…let him savor what I hope is a rare victory. How about a rematch?

Love JerBear’s work!

Fun match to watch, from opening exchange between fighter’s—could watch Dash flex all day!—to final laying out of the pretty boy after jerBear’s brutal beat down. This type of battle pushes all my buttons. Especially like the pre-match posturing. Looking forward to more Dash battles! JerBear knows his stuff when it comes to humbling jobbers.

Mighty Mongo vs Grizz


Good Old Days

Jerbear is looking his best in these two films and the action against Vanyel is hot! It makes you wonder if there are any other gems in the vault.

Great match!

I love seeing Kingpin in mask. It gives a different vibe! So I would respectfully disagree with the other review. But, yes, It's hot to see that thick strong body and thighs in speedo. That eagle spread position mmmmm

Could've Been Perfect

This match could have been one of my all-time favorites from Vertex, if only Kingpin wasn't wearing that mask. Kingpin has been my favorite guy on the roster, particularly since he switched to speedo-style trunks. I love seeing him as the cocky, dominant heel, and I love even more seeing him on the receiving end of the punishment. Something that is critical to my enjoyment of both of these sides of Kingpin is being able to see the expressions on his handsome face. I love to see his arrogant smirks as he beats down a jobber, and I love seeing the anguish and embarrassment on his face when he's the one being demolished. And I especially love to see his peaceful sleeping expression when he's knocked out by his opponent. Sadly, in this match I missed out on all of these dimensions of Kingpin's face because he was wearing that mask. I am certain that I would have loved this video if he wasn't wearing it. I really hope that he goes back to not wearing a mask in the future.


Love the beach outfits!! Would love to see Herc get punished in submission moves, such as Dragon Sleeper, backbreaker, and more.

Need a Rematch of this Rematch

Buck has certainly improved and this well-deserved 'rematch' was something to be excited about.
Now the Grizz is here just to show Buck that he still has steps to climb before he can reach star status...
Does Grizz err on introducing MMA Fight gloves? They battle back and forth with brutal gut punches, chest abuse and even taking advantage of low blows and dirty play. Grizz seems quite at home and dominates with these tactics. The older, experienced wrestler still lands a few scoop power slams. They both use schoolboy pins to trap the other for isolated chest and gut punches, including head blows and yes low blows.
Building up to the total surprise KO finish. The solid left and right combo was deadly and ended things with the 10 count!

JerBear vs BearTamer: The Rematch
Great First Half, Predictable Second Half

Great First Half, Predictable Second Half