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It was hot. I want to wrestle Christian and make him really suffer!

Beach Party: Viewers Choice


So awesome to see fan-favorite Herc back to doing what he does best, utterly dominating and destroying mere mortal men in the center of the wrestling ring with the power of an invincible demigod! Hughes has a cocky attitude, but ultimately he proves to be nothing more than a paper tiger when he faces the might of the truly superhuman Herc. The hapless newcomer soon learns his lesson about the foolhardiness of challenging a Roman deity come to life! Herc dispatches his latest victim with his trademark style and aplomb, and it's a very thrilling and satisfying sight to see. An ordinary man stands zero chance in a battle against a GOD, what fools these mortals be! HERC REIGNS FOREVER!!!


I'm a big fan of the super heavyweights on the Vertex roster, and Mighty Mongo and Saint Louis Heel are both underground wrestling legends. I almost didn't know who to root for in this faceoff! Still, after a bit of back and big man definitely dominates the action for the final third of this bout of the brawling titans and it becomes clear where the action is headed. It's rare to see SLH being so roughly manhandled and even rarer to witness him looking genuinely overwhelmed and intimidated, but once MM unleashes his full fury, that is just what transpires. Not only is there a VERY decisive victory, Mongo also throws in a little post-match humiliation by using Saint Louis Heel as a human ventriloquist's dummy in a display of his trademark humor! Awesome match, guys...keep 'em coming!

Hot squash

Herc never disappoints. This was particularly fantastic to see him in complete heel mode. Poor (or rather lucky) Lightning endures a lot of punishment and Herc clearly enjoys dishing it out. Hot hot match.


Face sit and Bootlick JerBear always yummi!

Great Newcomer

Fantastic build on the newcomer. Unfortunately for him, He is against veteran Grizz. Very hot action here

Great match

Buck is certainly no pushover. Great to see him take control of one of vertex's resident heels. Great action.

Peter "Hard Rock" Hughes vs Herc

Two Titans of the Ring go at it

It's psychological warfare as Christian Mitchell plays mindgames on the Almighty Grizz. You can see the look and grunts from Grizz he loves have his nipples tortured, wish it had lasted longer! Both men are at their best and trade blows to a dramatic outcome. Christian got what he wanted, and so did Grizz. Looking for a rematch real soon!

Good, solid match

Very good match, great back and forth action...Anders has great talent in the ring and they worked well together...had kind of a classic "good-guy/bad-guy" feel from the '70's...always enjoyable! (like we used to watch on Saturday mornings on UHF TV with the rabbit ears and all that snow on the screen!

Amazing love mighty Mongo

Hairy muscle daddy goes down

Loved seeing the hairy muscle daddy Mitchell get beat up and choked out.

More Please!

Very hot! Big Tex is awesome and shows his domination. Love the ending.

Hot matchup

Buck and SLH put on a great bout here. Definitely hot action with some surprises!


This match represents an enjoyable change of pace for Vertex, in the form of a creative and entertaining "old school" tag-beam bout! Bison and Kingpin are amazing here, and Big Tex and Herc are easily among my all-time favorites on the Vertex roster...I love the fact that all four of these skilled and charismatic athletes get a chance to showcase their talents during the course of the bout. The brutal double-claw from Tex just makes me even more eager to see him destroy two opponents in a handicap match eventually...he is clearly more than capable of doing it! And the ending of the bout marks an awesome return to form for fan-favorite Herc, who is always beyond belief. Great work, guys...more like this, please!

Tag Team Mayhem

Really? Do you think 'Pebbles'?

After laying waste to Hercules earlier, the Mighty Mongo was booked to take on his teacher/mentor the Almighty Grizz.
Mongo dominated from the onset referring to the Grizz in his 'manbun' as Pebbles. The man was way to powerful and brutalized the veteran favorite. Humiliating him in pit smothering, crotch smothering and a very impressive use of the tree of woe into a seated crotch facial with added crotch claw. It sure looked like Mongo was just minutes from a full body splash finish.
The resourceful Grizz used his martial arts background to convert a bearhug he was in to apply a side headlock choke hold to swing the moment. I guess no more Pebbles, now BAM BAM!
Grizz has some of the strongest thighs and unbreakable crushing Quads.
Doesn't he Mongo?
I guess, never count the Almighty Grizz out!

Who Got What They Wanted?

From the onset you know this match-up was long overdue. Both made it clear, but maybe for different reasons?
The rugged, muscled Christian Mitchell has come to Vertex to finally get the Almighty Grizz in the ring. Grizz, the promotion's veteran ring king and icon had heard enough from CM.
Mitchell in the early going outmatched Grizz. Used corner work, knee and shoulders to the gut, even brutal chest play and pec claws with the Almighty trapped in the ropes. On a couple of occasions looking like his prolonged pec work was winning him his prize.
Grizz at one point had Christian side step a shoulder thrust and propelled himself threw the ropes to the arena floor. CM in true heel fashion took the fight outside, got Grizz again hung in the ropes and took advantage with forearms to Grizz's massive chest, gut and more pec claws. Then ramming the Icon into the steel ring post, then thrown back in the ring.
Grizz regained control and the match pretty much played out on the mat surface. The veteran was able to wear the strongman down with constant chest abuse, elbows and forearms to the chest, boston crab and rear choke and sleeper.
Yes, there was a clean victory. The Victor left the ring proudly, though not fully as he entered.
The surprise and amazing finish I leave up to you to learn. Thus my title question... 'Who Got What They Wanted'? 🤔🤔

Great Match With A Surprise Ending

Unusually there's kind of a sexual tension between Grizz and Christian Mitchell in this match, which is very satisfying as the two protagonists are two very hot guys. There's an all-too-short foray outside the ring, which I've never seen before, but which I hope will be repeated and enlarged upon in future Vertex matches. There's some good give-and-take in the early part of the match before Grizz begins to dominate. The ending of the match is a hot surprise, but the viewer doesn't have a great vantage point. However, my imagination was working overtime. Enjoy!

My first Vertex video

Really enjoyed this, but frankly was hoping for more gut work.

Would love to see a "taped ribs" angle where Herc goes solo against these two heels, who double-team his stomach relentlessly.


So I new as soon as I saw the rematch posted, I’d have to see it for myself. It was a fun back and forth for sure, and hit all the correct notes of a long rivalry. Def worth the purchase and the time spent watching it… 😁

Mongo is Awesome, BUT...

So, I'm giving this one three stars, but ONLY because Mongo is in it...and he is always amazing. I'm puzzled by the recent trend of Vertex giving such a push to the most pedestrian wrestlers in their roster. No offense, but Grizz just isn't the most charismatic or thrilling athlete in the world, so the ending of this match was a real disappointment. You guys have Mongo to work with. Let them reign, let them shine! Mongo is a legend, let's see him on a total monster heel rampage. That would make a hell of a lot more sense in my book, and would be a lot more enjoyable and entertaining for his legions of fans.


The bulges, the stocky wrestlers, Herc getting manhandled and low blowed! Love it!

Speedo action

Lovin the bright speedos! Wish there could've been more dirty tactics but hot as always