Letter for Dad


The day you adopted me was the happiest day of my life. I loved and admired my Big Dad. We were family.

I did everything I could to be the best son you could've had. We ran the company and bought the house you wanted. I bought the ring and built the custom headquarters. I taught you how to code and helped you through your divorce. I believed in my Big Dad.

You took advantage of my vulnerability and directed me to take out loans to cover your debts. That's FUCKED UP. I am YOUR SON, and YOU FUCKED UP. It is not my fault, and it's fucking insane that you'd blame me for the consequences of taking on the failings of my father. You are so fucking self absorbed that nothing can get through to you - not even family, not even hitting rock bottom.

You abused my trust and exploited me. You HURT me, Dad, and you didn't care because you only love yourself. You're my father, and you treated me more as a tool than a son. Blame me all you'd like, the mistake we made was believing you.

I hate you, Dad.

- Andy