FAQ - Filming Events

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Who would I wrestle?

It could be absolutely anybody! We listen to everybody's requests, note the chemistry between the wrestlers, and come up with matches on-the-fly based on how everybody is feeling, physically and mentally. We don't plan a ton of matches in advance because there are many factors - attendance, fatigue, schedules, etc that make planning to-the-letter infeasible.

Can you book a specific match?

We do our best to be flexible with match requests, but at the end of the day, we need to be sure that we have filmed all of our attendees in as many different matches as possible in situations that we feel are the most likely to generate revenue to allow us to continue hosting filming events. We want everyone to have a good time while at the same time ensuring that we can keep the lights on!

Can I wear a mask?

Masks aren't allowed and it's a hard policy. Our fans Vertex for it's domination-laden action, masks cover up the suffering they love to see and make it harder to "sell" the effect of your opponent's moves. Our folks that do use masks have *very* compelling reasons such as working for multiple pro promotions.

Can I spectate?

Unless you're a +1 for a roster member, no. Filming events are for participants and we like to make sure everybody's comfortable. You'll get to see the action on the site later - don't worry!

Do I have to attend the whole event?

If you can only make one day, that's fine! On days you can attend, we ask that you attend the whole day and support your crew. You may have as many matches as you'd like, even if it's just one a day.

How do you compensate?

We offer training opportunities w/ experienced, professionally trained veterans, ring access, and great experiences with a safe crew. We founded Vertex for these reasons and strive to make the kind of content we've always wanted to see, regardless of how well it sells. If you're looking for paid work, all the power to you - but that's not what we're about.

Do you make custom matches?

No. Not because we don't want to, but because it restricts us as creators. We make our best matches when we lean into improv and the chemistry between wrestlers.

Does Vertex make adult material?

No, we produce fully clothed pro wrestling matches. We love our LGBTQ fans and our matches are usually suggestive, but we will never produce adult material. For our talent and most of our fans, that is what it's all about!