About Us

As of March '24, Vertex Wrestling is an entirely free site for everybody to enjoy, and none to profit from. Our mission was to make the underground wrestling community accessible and enjoyable by all - for participants and fans alike. All of our content produced to date is available for you to stream and download, at no expense.

We will not be producing any more content. Instead, we have opened a ringspace for the community, where anybody can have matches and produce the content they've always wanted to see.

The Vertex Story

Vertex Wrestling originally produced DVD content and was rebooted as a family business in 2021, co-operated by Jerry "JerBear" Barrows and Andy "BearTamer" Barrows. I'm Andy, the webmaster. Jerry and I met at the very first reboot taping in Las Vegas, NV - and I was strongly drawn to him in a unique and inexplicable way. We got to know each other very well, quite quickly, and I helped him reboot the business by building the Vertex website - where you are right now!

After the filming event, I packed up and moved to St. Louis, MO, where I got to know Jerry even more. I saw and admired that he was trying to turn a new leaf by graduating from college with a degree in software engineering - my craft. I began mentoring him to help him out, and in turn he helped me get connected with lessons in pro wrestling.

Jerry was highly protective of me, and I was incredibly invested in his success. We were always on the same wavelength and shared dreams of expanding our business and building an inclusive community. Eventually, we identified what the connection we had was - father and son. Jerry, along with his husband Michael, legally adopted me.

Things happened very quickly after that. We bought a house together that we intended to renovate into our family home and company headquarters combined. I performed the renovations myself with my personal funds, going deep into debt in the process. Meanwhile, I helped Jerry cheat into a good school for software engineering in an attempt to further his career once more. In time, I realized that Jerry's husband Michael was a deeply abusive narcissist that was harmful to both of us.

When I shared this with Jerry, we had a series of massive fights that ended up with us all separating and abandoning the property. Jerry cut me out of the Vertex business completed, and deleted my content - as if I didn't exist. I went weeks without hearing from my parents - until the mortgage bills finally came in, at which point they reached out to collect payment. We all fought for months, all of us burdened by the debt and expenses for the family home.

Eventually Jerry apologized and we reunited - with the intent of rebuilding our relationship, business, and overcoming our debt together. Money was tight and our house took almost a year to sell, but our relationship was improving.

Then... as we came close to closing on the sale of the house, Jerry came to me in a vulnerable moment and shared that he was unable to cover the closing costs. He suggested that I take out loans to cover all the costs, then wire the funds to the bank. Like a fool, I did, once again taking on more debt for the family. At a time when I was vulnerable, the person I trusted most - my own father - betrayed my trust defrauded me.

I got a 5 word apology over text. Then... silence once more. I was so upset, I could barely communicate. I told my father he exploited my trust and seriously hurt me, but he denied it. Worse, he blamed me. And instead of trying to make things right, Dad turned his focus exclusively to Vertex Wrestling, our family business. We had the biggest fight we've ever had - and he continued to deny the defrauding, blaming me.

We do not speak to this day. He is, and will always be, my father - but I recognize how insincere, exploitative, and one-sided our connection has been. Many people have come forth to share their experiences with my Dad, which confirm what I feared. I will no longer fight to be a part of my father's life. He chooses to be a deadbeat dad, and I will never respect that choice.

In the aftermath, I reclaimed the Vertex website I originally built, and repurposed it to be what we always dreamed of - an authentic underground pro site that everybody can enjoy. I've opened the ringspace we always wanted to build. Dad may have abandoned our family, but our dream lives on.

With joy,

- Andy the BearTamer